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Hello my friends.
I cannot believe I am writing this in English.
This is because, recently, my friends keep asking me like
Which bands have you been listening to?

So I thought it would be nice to put a link all here.

I was in Madrid three months ago.
During a tour with The Right Ons,we drove all night to Benidorm.
It was about 4:30 or 5:30,early morning.
almost all guys were sleeping.
I was looking at the window and it was so so so beautiful.
dark black sky was turning to white blue.
filled with energy.
we all three started to listen this song.

I spent time together with The Right Ons like 4days, reporting the tour.
We went to play in the old town and the low cost music festival.
I felt to become a musician is tough. everytime moving to one to another.

There are so many waiting time.
Playing succer, sleeping, taking pictures...
At the sound check, they played this song for me.

It was great trip together with them.
The report will be on the web soon.
I have to write before it becomes my memory.

As soon as I came back to Tokyo,
my life started changing.....
My partner is not with me anymore,
so all i did was spending time with my friends and
listening to music.
She came to my program as a guest on J-WAVE.
Amazing voice and a cute girl :-)

Dr.Dog is always my favorite.

Morning Benders is also...

what else?

I got to listen few bands from Spain.

then, I went to see the Delorean last week.


Sorry my friends, there are so many bands in my head.....
well...... maybe next time....


« I heart Amsterdam | トップページ | Real love.. »





« I heart Amsterdam | トップページ | Real love.. »